Kelly and Aaron got married!

On October 20, 2011, at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina, Aaron Fish had the good sense to ask Kelly Anderson to be his wife. And… Kelly Anderson had the good sense to say “YES!” ;-)

The Meeting

Aaron and KellyWhen people ask where we met, we reply “in Chile and Argentina.” After a moment, people mostly ask “really?” Yes, really. Well, technically, we met in the Miami International Airport, but saying South America is much cooler.

In October of 2010, Kelly was at the Mission to the World (MTW) Global Missions Conference and while there heard that her friend and fellow Disaster Response Ministry volunteer Dan Jenny was taking a backpacking trip to South America through Tumpline, his ministry of Christian discipleship through outdoor adventure trips.  [continue reading]

The Proposal

the ring Aaron gave to KellyAaron had planned to travel to Durham for Kelly’s 30th birthday, on Friday, October 21, but little did she know that there was much more that Aaron had planned!

Aaron drove down from Pittsburgh and arrived late Wednesday night to spend the weekend with Kelly for her birthday. The weekend prior Aaron had asked Kelly if she wanted to go to Duke Gardens to have a picnic lunch. Thinking that idea was so cute and romantic she was thrilled. Unbeknownst to her, Aaron was picking out a ring and had called and talked to her parents and asked her father’s permission to marry her. What an incredibly long 4 days it must have been! [continue reading]