The Groom

Aaron Fish lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was born and raised and where his family still lives. He is the son of Rich and Holly Fish, and has one older brother, John, who also lives in Pittsburgh.

His Grandma Lake is one of the influential people in his life and in his journey that led him to Christ. Aaron came to the Lord at the age of 26 after reading the book, The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel by C.F.W. Walther, and became convinced by the gospel of his need for Jesus. Since then he has attended church at Gospel Fellowship PCA in Valencia, PA with his Grandma Lake.

Aaron works as a software engineer for Automated Logic Corporation, which is a construction company that works with energy management systems. It’s all in the family as his dad and brother both also work for ALC. He has been with the company over ten years, starting during the summers in high school and then working his way up to his current position.

Aaron loves his current roommate Achilles, a Keeshond, very much! He also loves the Pittsburgh Penguins and, of course, the Steelers. Aaron enjoys traveling and has visited several countries including Russia and Scotland, although the most memorable trip may be Chile and Argentina where he met Kelly!