The Bridal Party

Stephanie Anderson-Maid of Honor

Stephanie AndersonStephanie and I have been friends since 1984 — when Stephanie was born!! Sisters by birth and friends by choice, we have shared lots of fights, tears, laughs and adventures. Stephanie lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is on staff with Young Life’s Capernaum Ministry. She is a fabulous photographer and pottery artist.


Nancy McCabe

Nancy McCabeNancy and I have been friends since 2006 when we started nursing school together at Duke University and were attached at the hip for 16 months. We’ve been pretty inseparable since then. Nancy lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently working on her PhD in Nursing. Nancy loves good food, good wine, and sharing it with others.


Audrey Harrell

Audrey HarrellI have been friends with Audrey since the 8th grade, when she showed up as the newcomer in my class. We have shared lots of funny adventures like bucking broncos! Audrey lives in Richardson, Texas, with her husband James, daughter June, and Baby Boy Harrell, slated to make his appearance in December! Audrey is a gifted artist, and has a sharp wit, and is incredibly funny!


Amy Yarbrough

Amy YarbroughI remember the fateful day when Kevin Eckhart introduced me to Amy; she was a new college graduate and a new Christian! I’m so grateful. I helped Amy survive nursing school and we became great friends. Amy lives in Durham, North Carolina, and works as a pediatric nurse at Duke Hospital. Amy gives the best hugs in the world!


Melanie McCord

Melanie McCordLittle did I know that when I moved to New York in 2004, the day after college graduation, that I would end up with a friend like Mel. From Young Life’s Saranac Lake in New York to Colorado, Virginia, and North Carolina — I can claim to have visited Mel in every city she has lived in over the last 7 years — which is saying something! Mel is now living in Burlington, North Carolina, working as an office assistant in a vascular surgery clinic. Mel is great for thinking outside the box and is super creative!